Central Victoria Divest

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Sign the charter now!

Securing a safe climate means we have to stop burning fossil fuels. Around the world, more conscious super funds, energy providers and banks are re-thinking their investments and taking money out of fossil fuels.  Unfortunately, the ‘Big Four’ 4 banks as well as many super funds and energy generators are lagging behind, and still using our money to fund fossil fuel projects.

Divestment for us  means signing the Charter and  shifting our electricity, banking and or super to a provider who has made a public commitment to not investing in fossil fuels AND  – telling them why we shifted.

We are in the process of updating to a 1, 2 and 3 Star divestment process. This means that if you can only commit to one of the divestment actions eg,changing electricity provider, you can still sign the Charter and be a 1 Star divestor. Having seen how easy that is you may then go onto shift banking and or super and become a 2 or 3 Star divestor! Most sign ups to date are 3 Star divestors.

Help spread the charter in Bendigo!

We recently received funding to help spread the charter in Bendigo. In Castlemaine many signed on, including every doctor’s surgery. Recently Mount Alexander Shire divested, with the Mayor calling on the City of Bendigo to follow suit. Decision makers are listening. Please support our vision of using the Charter  to spread the divestment movement throughout Central Victoria.

Sign the Central Victorian Fossil Fuel Free Charter

The Central Victorian Fossil Fuel Free Charter is part of the growing global campaign for individuals and organisations to take their money and their business away from companies that invest in fossil fuels, removing their social licence and reducing their political influence.

The Charter spreads divestment into the grassroots by involving businesses and community organisations such as welfare agencies, churches, kinder and school committees, doctors, vets, and you, the general public.

The amazing power of this strategy is that you and anyone, anywhere who has a bank account or electricity bill, can participate.

The Charter empowers and inspires our individual and organisational divestment efforts. It  creates a collective voice for all parts of central Victoria, demanding decision makers work towards a safe climate future.  Everyone can join.

Go Fossil fuel free for our future.

Sign the Central Victorian Fossil Fuel Free Charter now!

List of Divestors in Central Victoria