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350logowhiteThe Central Victorian Fossil Free Charter is organised by a volunteer committee of four Castlemaine residents concerned about climate change and the negative social, ecological and economic impacts of the fossil fuel industries.

The committee is:

Bernard Tonkin is carpenter and social worker who has lived in Central Victoria for over 20 years.  He recently spent five years living in East Timor and has worked with men on stopping violence against women. He spends his winter weekends as a dedicated soccer father, and he still can play for the Castlemaine veteran Nuggets team..

Susie Burke is a psychologist who has worked for the Australian Pyschology society as a psychologist in the public interest for the last 20 years. When she is not working with communities recovering from natural disasters she is a busy mother of three children, and she plays in a Castlemaine band with visions of playing at Glastonbury one day!

Andrew McKenna has been a journalist and lecturer for over 20 years experience. He made his way through regional newspapers then ran his own news site Castlemaine Independent with a strong commitment to social justice and environmental issues. He has spent his weekends taking his boys to cycling races around southern Australia and is currently doing a stint working in New Zealand.

Dean Bridgfoot has been a veterinarian for 26 years and a climate movement leader based at Mount Alexander Sustainability Group. He recently returned with his family from a year living in Thailand to work in Castlemaine.  He is a father of three lads who constantly remind him how bad he is at football (and hip hop), but he still can play for the Nuggets also.

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