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For more information about how the big four banks are investing your money, go to for a report, an interactive map to find out which banks have invested in coal and gas exports on Australia’s east coast, and take action to stop it happening again.


4 easy steps to switch banks ? (thanks to our partner, the  ‘Market Forces’ campaign)

Keen to invest your money in a bank that isn’t cooking the climate?  Then there’s a comparison table and a table on How to switch banks, including really easy ways to communicate your intentions and reasons to your bank which automatically insert the appropriate email addresses to reach your bank,  customisable form letters etc:–  Go to:

You can withdraw your money from the Big Four. There are two valid options for your banking in Central Victoria – Bank Australia (formerly Bank mecu) and the Bendigo Bank – that do not lend money to fossil fuel projects.

Speak to the managers:  Ask for a quote, and how to transfer a home or business loan. Look at interest rates, ask if any costs will be waived, look at their specials. The strongest action is to move large loans for which you pay the bank $1000’s in interest each year…some of which they invest in fossil fuels !


View this Market Forces Youtube from National Day of Divestment Action May 2014

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