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Most energy generated in Victoria is from highly polluting brown coal, so the choice of electricity retailers is especially important for Victorians.

The Dirty Three (Origin, AGL and EnergyAustralia) currently control over 80 per cent of the market. But as the first state to have its electricity market deregulated, Victoria has more competition than any other state and increasingly, Victorians have greater options to shift away from the Dirty Three.

Victoria also has the greatest choice of green energy retailers. The highest ranked retailer in this Guide, Powershop, is currently only available in Victoria, although Powershop has plans to expand to other states. Virtually as highly rated is  Diamond Energy, which specialises in small scale solar and biogas. They have 100% invested in new, renewable energy generation, eg. some companies have only bought into existing hydro generators.

Changing to a committed fossil fuel free electricity provider is the quickest and easiest divestment action to take  – searching your new chosen provider and entering a few details is only a 10 minute exercise and they do the rest for you! (including informing your old provider etc).

You can switch and really help make it count all in one go  – by sending a  message to the ‘dirty 3’ and choosing a committed fossil free provider through the Repower Campaign !

Click here to find out more (the Greenpeace Guide will ask you to enter your name and email but don’t worry this is not for spamming purposes): http://www.greenpeace.org/australia/en/what-we-do/climate/The-Green-Electricity-Guide/

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