Our Charter

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Fuel Free Charter and print it out


Burning fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide to the atmosphere which contributes to a warming earth and changed climate.  The UN Framework Convention on climate change, to which our government is a signatory, calls for a limit of global warming to two degrees celsius. To achieve this, most of the world’s remaining fossil fuels need to remain in the ground.

 Banks, superannuation funds and electricity companies are major supporters of the fossil fuel industry in Australia. We are joining individuals, businesses and organisations in Central Victoria who have withdrawn their funds and custom from these institutions and already doing business with “climate-friendly” organisations.

We have signed the pledge and are working towards a fossil-free future with a safe climate for all.


I/this organisation undertakes to make no new fossil fuel investments and to divest from any existing fossil fuel investments within two years or as soon as practicable.

Recognising the role many banks, Superannuation funds and electricity retailers play in financing fossil fuel projects in Australia, we also commit to do business with institutions that will not invest our money in fossil fuel projects.

Sign the charter now!