Parrot Conservation Australia Ltd

A fantastic new project run by Roger Sellwood… based in central Victoria.

Parrot Conservation Australia Ltd strives to save our unique parrots from extinction while we still have them to save, and educating those who have them in captivity as pets. The best way to house, feed and deal with the associated problems these birds encounter. To rescue and rehabilitate those that have been abused and mistreated.

c/o Post Office Guildford Vic 3451

Contact: Executive Director, Roger Sellwood

0417 325 679

Visit their site here: Parrot Conservation Australia!

Nungarra Warmbloods

Nungarra Warmbloods

Horse breeders using the finest warmblood sire lines available in Australia.

phone: 03 54 255 484

fax: 03 54 255 474

mobile: 0428 503 647

address: Glenhope, Victoria 3444


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