Vintage Wheels

Vintage Wheels, based in Castlemaine Victoria, provides an affordable, efficient and convenient way for people to buy and sell vintage vehicles, machinery and related items online within the Central Victorian district.

Vintage Wheels can also photograph, post items and sell items on your behalf and offer affordable storage, delivery and towing solutions.

Vintage Wheels also offer an affordable towing and delivery service.  We can transport your van safely and legally with the short term availability of road worthy tyres/bearings  and indicator/tail light boards.

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Richard Freadman

Richard Freadman is a professor of English and director of the Unit for Studies in Biography and Autobiography at La Trobe University. He is the author of “Eliot, James, and the Fictional Self,” co-author of “Re-thinking Theory: A Critique of Contemporary Literary Theory and an Alternative Account,” and co-editor of “Renegotiating Ethics in Literature,” “Philosophy and Theory” and “On Literary Theory and Philosophy: A Cross-Disciplinary Encounter…

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Friends of Kalimna Park

KALIMNA PARK is a bushland reserve on the north eastern outskirts of Castlemaine comprising 175 ha. During the gold rush the area was almost totally denuded and the ground turned over. In time, coppice regrowth has produced a box-ironbark woodland with a characteristic ecosystem of plants, birds and less visible wildlife. Over 28 species of different orchids and rare plants have been identified. Kalimna Park is now a part of the Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park(CDNHP).

Kalimna Point is close to the town and from the early days was a destination for residents to visit as it allowed good views of the district. Between 1903 and the late 1920s the community planted a mix of European and Australian trees around the point and set up benches, a rotunda and a direction finder. Remnants of these avenue plantings and paths still exist.

Karrook Bushland Reserve. A decade ago the Friends rallied the community to raise funds to purchase this 25 ha block at the northern end of the park. This block contains the grave of the unknown miner dating back to the gold rush (circa 1850s). The reserve, now part of the CDNHP, contains mature ironbarks over 200 years old.

Eltham Copper Butterfly. Castlemaine is one of only 3 locations of this threatened species. In spring the Notoncus ants escort the larvae from the nest at the base of the Sweet Bursaria plant up on to the plant to feed during the evening. The butterflies hatch in early summer.

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Parrot Conservation Australia Ltd

A fantastic new project run by Roger Sellwood… based in central Victoria.

Parrot Conservation Australia Ltd strives to save our unique parrots from extinction while we still have them to save, and educating those who have them in captivity as pets. The best way to house, feed and deal with the associated problems these birds encounter. To rescue and rehabilitate those that have been abused and mistreated.

c/o Post Office Guildford Vic 3451

Contact: Executive Director, Roger Sellwood

0417 325 679

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Vintage Pointe

Ballet history and culture

It’s not just the passion, the music or the people… It’s the history that makes ballet extraordinary. Prepare to journey into ballet’s past with Vintage Pointe, in development now for audiences, teachers and dancers. Vintage Pointe is your gateway to the best resources on the history of ballet. Find books, DVDs and links to leading websites, as well as gifts, materials for children and downloadable resources.

Bookmark us now. The curtain rises soon…

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