Lynn Twelftree Book Design

Lynn Twelftree Art & Design is situated in the Central Victorian town of Castlemaine. We specialise in book design with many years of experience in the Australian publishing industry. I particularly like working on non-fiction, community-based projects such as schools, colleges, clubs and company histories, as well as print projects like diaries, calendars, invitations and catalogues.

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Richard Freadman

Richard Freadman is a professor of English and director of the Unit for Studies in Biography and Autobiography at La Trobe University. He is the author of “Eliot, James, and the Fictional Self,” co-author of “Re-thinking Theory: A Critique of Contemporary Literary Theory and an Alternative Account,” and co-editor of “Renegotiating Ethics in Literature,” “Philosophy and Theory” and “On Literary Theory and Philosophy: A Cross-Disciplinary Encounter…

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Deborah Wardle

Deborah Wardle is a writer, editor and fulltime PhD student.

She has fiction and non-fictional stories published by Spinifex Press, Overland, The Big Issue,Castlemaine Independent and Palliative Care Australia’s online journal E-Hospice. She has peer-reviewed articles in Meniscus Journal, Fusion Journal and forthcoming in Animal Studies Journal. Her short story, ‘ Love Letters’ was shortlisted for the Josephine Ulrick Prize in 2016.